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Montenegrin Ammunition Demilitarised at ULP Mjekes in Albania

4 December 2014
Between 25 November and 4 December 2014 around 17 tonnes (50,380 rounds) of Montenegrin 20 mm API PZ cannon ammunition were demilitarised at Albania’s Explosive Waste Incinerator at ULP Mjekes. This pilot project is significant as it demonstrates the two governments’ willingness to cooperate in stockpile reduction and disposal. The operation was overseen by independent observers, and a certificate of disposal was provided by ULP Mjekes, countersigned by NSPA under established procedures. Both Albania’s Defence Minister and Montenegro’s Deputy Minister for Material Resources visited ULP Mjekes to observe the operation. Demilitarisation was funded by US PMWRA under NSPA’s ongoing NATO Trust Fund contract with ULP Mjekes.

Examples of Montenegrin 20mm munitions before and after the demilitarisation process.

Deputy Minister for Material Resources Mr Miodrag Radusinovic, of Montenegro's Ministry of Defence, visiting the pliot project at Albania ULP Mjekes Explosive Waste Incinerator, 3 December 2014.

Albania's Minister of Defense, Ms Mimi Kotheli, inspecting the pilot project at ULP Mjekes, 2 December 2014.